How did we get here?

The journey of Be Active Maternity...

Our Journey

I'm Kelsey, and my husband and partner in crime, is Nathan. We have two young boys, Keaton, age 2, and Skyler, 6 months.
We are passionate about family, community and making a difference. We want everyone to feel loved and to know that they are important and have a place where they can belong.
Our mission is simple... we want to create COMMUNITY. 
We want women to be able to support one another in their shared experiences of motherhood (the ups and the downs).
I've always struggled most when I didn't feel a sense of belonging or support.
And motherhood only made that worse for me.
I don't want other women to feel that way.
We want you to be able to BE YOURSELF and to know that YOU ARE LOVED, YOU ARE STRONG, YOU ARE SUPPORTED and YOU BELONG.
We also wanted to solve a physical problem. We wanted to create maternity and nursing activewear that could take you from the gym to playing with your kids to going out, all while having you feel and look good. Here at Be Active Maternity we believe it is important to feel confident and comfortable in your clothing, regardless of what stage you are in. 

We understand that pregnancypostpartum and motherhood can be challenging.

We see that you have spent hours reading articles, posts or books about how to eat during pregnancy, what to avoid, how to care for a newborn, and the list goes on.

Our goal is to provide you with maternity and nursing activewear that will support you.

Support you during pregnancy as you grow your beautiful little babe.

Support you postpartum as your body heals from the amazing journey of birth you just accomplished.

Support you as a mother - as you bend, stretch, squat, lunge, lift, twist and move, all to take care of your little one.

Now we want to thank YOU for YOUR SUPPORT. Because you support and believe in us, we are able to continue doing what we love - creating maternity clothing to support your ever-changing body, and creating community to support your ever-changing and growing heart.